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Gasparo Contarini’s Vernacular Letters on Free Will and Predestination

Gasparo Contarini’s Vernacular Letters on Free Will and Predestination · The paper examines two letters written in the vernacular by Gasparo Contarini. The topics of these letters touched the very heart of the religious debate of the time. The first letter on free will was sent to Vittoria Colonna on November 13, 1536 and published in Florence in 1558. The second letter on predestination was written on June 12, 1537 to Lattanzio Tolomei and published only in 1961 by Aldo Stella. Contarini’s letters arouse a special interest not only for the standing of the Cardinal, but also because they represent a unique moment of theoretical reflection destined to change the spiritual career of the author and the philosophical and religious debate, which animated that preparatory years to the Colloquy of Ratisbon.



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