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“Uno sguardo nella terra promessa dell’Umanesimo. Noterella su Georg Voigt interprete di Petrarca,” Historia philosophica, 14 (2016): 175–84.

This paper focuses on Georg Ludwig Voigt’s appraisal of Petrarch. Voigt gives a rich account of Petrarch’s intellectual figure, in particular as philosopher, by examining the originality of his thought and the weaknesses of his character, which are considered paradigmatic of Humanism. According to Voigt, Petrarch epitomizes not only the foundational elements of Humanism, but also its development and its end. In fact, he characterizes Petrarch as a controversial figure who has never been able to implement his ideals. Similarly Humanism, which aimed to lead to a spiritual renewal, betrayed its original mission and degenerated into mere pedantry and imitation. This paper examines Petrarch as the symbol of Humanism by showing Voigt’s romantic and idealistic heritage and his impact on twentieth-century historiography.



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